Quick Troubleshoot

Problem: Solution:
Can’t remove the replacement cartridge: Attach tool, push downwards and turn left and right for 10 turns. This will simply reduce the vacuum seal on the o-ring (built up through either water pressure or altitude pressure during importation of products).
No water flowing through the tap: Check/make sure that the isolation valve has been turned back on.
Leak anywhere along the installed plumbing:
  1. Turn the isolation valve off to stop the leak,
  2. Tighten the leaking connection with either a spanner or by re-inserting the pipe into the pushfit fitting as shown in the guide.
Not having the right size connector for your specific plumbing: Call hotline for a technician to supply the correct fitting/reducer.
Water is initially cloudy when filling glass of water: Cloudiness is in fact oxygenation of the water so will clear. If cloudiness is rising, then this is merely oxygen bubbles which will clear quickly. Running water through the tap for another 1 minute should clear this. If it continues, it may be a result of a water saving aerator within your tap.
Water tastes different to previously filtered water/tap water: The Ecopure filter extracts more contaminants from water than most filters and as such you may notice a subtle change in taste. This is merely due to us adding minerals to the water, as well as removing a large percentage of contaminants.
Occasionally we still get a smell or taste of chlorine: Water Treatment plants are likely to be dosing water with chlorine at higher doses. This happens fairly often if they are aware of any bacteria-related issues in the water. Our filters are designed to effectively remove chlorine according to “commonly accepted” levels in the water. Higher dosing by municipalities may result in some excess chlorine coming through the tap.
Am I able to buy a replacement extraction tool if my one gets broken? Yes. Prices available through Home of Living Brands, hotline number: 0861 474 231.
Are the cartridges on Eco-3 filters interchangeable? YES they are.