Ecopure Water Filters

Why Us

People choose Ecopure because our products are:

  1. Sourced, first and foremost, for their minimal environmental impact
  2. Packed with active ceramics - cutting edge water purification technology made possible by nano-technology

To go into more detail:

Environmental advantage:

  1. The active ceramic spheres are natural ceramics which are 100% naturally degradable, and can be added to your garden to improve soil drainage and plant growth at the end of life.
  2. The filter housing is 100% reusable and can be returned to us for recycling.
  3. The active ceramics condition water to have a softer effect without removing healthy minerals or changing the physical properties of water.

Active Ceramics water purification Technique

The water purification media (substance) found in the majority of Ecopure Filters products is known as active ceramics. These active ceramic spheres, in the form of small balls (about 4mm in diameter), perform the following function:

  1. Kill hundreds of bacteria whilst keeping the filters bacteriostatic
  2. Absorb chemicals and metals including chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals
  3. Condition water to be softer
  4. Maintain and introduce healthy nutrients and minerals in the water.

Active ceramic balls are porous and absorptive, and filter effectively to 1 micron. The ceramics control and eliminate bacterial growth, remove chlorine and heavy metals, drastically reduce build up of scale in pipework and appliances, and remineralise water with healthy nutrients, leaving softer, purer and healthier water for you and your family. Full effects of this depends on specific products.

Ceramic Balls

The ways in which the active ceramics treat the water in each application are as follows:

The products do this via their physical properties of semi-conductivity, magnetic properties and light emission (Far Infrared, also known as FIR ) which are very effective in the treatment of water and other liquids.

The ceramics have been approved by the Water Research Centre under the Water By-Laws scheme for use in contact with potable water. They have also won NSF 42 approval. This is the internationally recognised American standard for drinking water media and products.

The products present no hazard to health or body in their use, storage or transportation - in fact they produce many intrinsic health benefits.

What the products do?

They improve water quality, control bacteria, remove chlorine which is linked to poor tasting and smelling water, increase oxygen, reduce molecule size, activate metabolism, increase alkali, remove heavy metals, absorb organic contaminants and discharge beneficial negative ions.

Alkalise for health

Water is generally pH neutral and the average adult has approximately 45 litres of water in their body. Food and drinks are generally acidic, only vegetables are alkaline. Most people have excess acid in their systems. Alkaline water combats the acidity, flushing out toxins and waste matter whilst restoring the electrolyte balance.

Super hydration

Reduced molecule sized water is readily absorbed by the body, increasing hydration and promoting good health. When cooking, food absorbs the water easier, improving both taste and texture. Tea and coffee are less acidic while water takes less time to boil.

Negative Ions are good for you

Negative ions are carried in both air and water. In the shower negative ions create a fresh clear environment which is great for your body. Negative ions enter the blood stream accelerating the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissue, they also stimulate a group of cells which assist the body's defences against disease.