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Ecopure Products

Complete filtration products in an easy to install single housing system.

Why Ecopure?

Why Ecopure?


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About Ecopure

Ecopure Filters Africa are focused on delivering the next generation in water filtration products for South Africa and Africa. Ecopure is developed and manufactured in Europe and focuses on delivering a high quality, affordable product range with eco-conscious attributes.

Ecopure Africa is a proud Blue Water Solutions company, which is a division of Blue Water Brands Group. Blue Water Solutions specializes in water treatment products and solutions, with the directors boasting 21 years of cumulative experience in water purification. Blue Water Solutions is passionate about making purified water available to all South Africans to suit all budgets.

Ecopure is therefore a perfect fit for the group as the unique, eco-friendly purification technology aligns with our vision.